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GP Dentistry Fairfield is a full-service practice offering general and cosmetic dental care for all ages. We provide prompt, gentle, advanced dentistry in a friendly, highly professional environment.

We are proud to offer complete dental care, from routine care to orthodontics, root canals, implants and cosmetic dentistry. Our patients tell us they appreciate the convenience and time savings of being treated by their own dentist in familiar surroundings.

A fundamental part of our philosophy is that preventive maintenance is essential to good oral health — which is linked to your overall health. We recommend two checkups and cleanings per year, which may be covered by your dental insurance plan.

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Plaque, tartar, and bacterial build-up can leave your smile at risk for major complications.

Your dental visit is designed to clean your teeth as thoroughly as possible, assess the healthiness of your gums, identify problematic issues, and provide solutions to improve your oral health.

Why GP Dentistry Fairfield?

Let us brighten your smile!

Highly trained dental team

Our highly trained dentists and team members can offer you and your family the best dental experience possible.

Extensive line of dental services

We offer complete dental care, from routine care to orthodontics, root canals, implants and cosmetic dentistry.

Advanced dental treatments

We stay on top of the latest techniques, products and equipment through continual education to better serve our patients.

Guaranteed protected smiles

Our commitment to patient comfort is true to the core of our practice. We offer high-quality dentistry to all our patients.

Our Dental Services

Quality and affordable dentistry

Ways to Calm Your Dental Anxiety

Open up to your dentist about your fears. While it might seem difficult at first, expressing your concerns to your dentist can relieve a lot of stress. When both you and your dentist begin to consider your internal anxieties, you can work at a pace that is more comfortable. If it’s been a long time since your last dental appointment, you might have some anxiety about finding a dentist who you trust. You can always ask your family or friends to recommend a dentist. Call us today at (203) 255-2493 to schedule an appointment for a positive dental visit experience.

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